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Worry less at work.

Manage and control workplace stress.

If your job brings you stress, you’re not alone. In fact, the workday is a top source of stress, anxiety and worry for many men and women. And with the ongoing pandemic and changes to many of our workplaces, it definitely hasn’t gotten any easier the past year. But while almost all of us need to work, it doesn’t mean we need to worry. Whether you’re working from home or onsite, here’s a little about workday stress and how to manage it.

Stress isn’t harmless.

We all know stress isn’t fun – but it also can harm our physical, mental and emotional health. According to The American Institute of Stress, high levels of job stress can increase our risk of heart attack, hypertension, back and neck pain, depression, anxiety, substance abuse and other issues.

We all face some level of stress at work, so it’s important to recognize when everyday stress starts becoming something more. Here are some common signs that workday stress might be affecting your well-being:

Be aware of common stressors.

Stress might seem daunting, but it’s something we can control. The first step is recognizing what causes our stress. It’s different for each person, but workday stress is often caused by:

If we know the main sources of our stress, we can take steps to manage it.

De-stress during the workday.

Even in the middle of stressful days, we can do things to help lower our levels of worry and anxiety:

Take these actions too.

Even when you’re not working, there are things you can do to help manage your overall levels of stress:

Most importantly, remember to set a healthy work-life balance and know you’re not alone in facing workday stress. Figure out what’s causing your worries, try the above tips and stay optimistic. Work doesn’t have to prevent you from living your happiest, healthiest life. You got this!

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