Hally® App

The Hally® app offers an easy, intuitive way to handle many of your healthcare needs conveniently from your mobile device.  

With the Hally app, you’ll always be able to connect to your coverage on the go. 

  1. Access and use your virtual ID card on the go. 
  2. Check what care, preventive care and prescription drugs your benefits cover. 
  3. Contact your doctor right away. 
  4. Find covered doctors and hospitals. 
  5. Get your deductible and out-of-pocket maximum. 
  6. Know where to go for care depending on your symptoms. 
  7. Log in quickly using the fingerprint scanner on your device. 
  8. See what you’ll pay for key services like primary care, emergency and urgent care visits in-and out-of-network. 
  9. Speak with doctors and counselors by phone or video through virtual visits. 
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