Celebrating Wisdom and Joy

May is more than just blooming flowers and sunny days; it’s also Older Adults Month – a time to honor the wisdom, experiences and joy that our active and vibrant retirees bring to our lives.

In the spirit of Older Adults Month, we’re not just celebrating; we’re actively supporting the well-being of our dynamic retirees. You know how to do it here in North Carolina! Here’s how:

1. Promote Preventive Care: It’s important to champion health at every age. Wellness and prevention first, and of course, those regular check-ups, vaccinations and screenings are the pillars of preventive care. An example is that FirstCarolinaCare™ health plans encourage and cover these essential services. Health is the priority and key to longevity.

2. Wellness Workshops and Webinars: Join us in empowering your well-being! Our wellness webinars, crafted for the active lifestyle of retirees, cover everything from nutrition to mental health. At FirstCarolinaCare, we’re not just a health plan; we’re your partners in a healthier retirement.

3. Community Fitness Initiatives: Stay active, stay vibrant! Our health plan proudly supports fitness programs tailored to the dynamic retirees who are always on the move, contributing in retirement. Check out our exclusive discounts for classes near you – because health is a journey we take together.

4. Caregiver Support Resources: To the unsung heroes – caregivers– we see you. Our health plan offers resources and support to make your caregiving journey a little smoother. Because caring for others starts with caring for yourself.

5. Mental Health Awareness: Aging gracefully includes taking care of your mental health. Our health plan provides access to mental health services because well-being is a holistic journey. Let’s ensure every aspect of your health is thriving.

6. Technology for Health: Navigate health on your terms. Our health plan embraces technology, offering telehealth options and user-friendly apps for a seamless health experience, keeping up with the active and contributing pace of retirees.

In celebrating Older Adults Month, let’s not only honor the past, but also ensure a healthy and vibrant future for our dynamic retirees. Whether it’s sharing a cup of tea, a stroll in the park or exploring wellness together, let’s make May a month of gratitude, support and lasting memories.

Cheers to the wisdom of age and the vibrant spirits that continue to inspire us all!

Lora Felger is a community outreach/Medicare adviser with FirstCarolinaCare. She’s the mother of two terrific boys, a world explorer and a major Iowa State Cyclones fan. She also has a naughty yet lovable Yellow Labrador Retriever named Harvey.

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