First Things First

It’s not the day… It’s YOU.

By Craig Alford

Here we go again – winter is in full effect, cold weather is the norm and love is in the air. February is a time when we’re comfortably settling into the new year. You finally stop writing last year every time you sign something. Holiday decorations have come down completely, and the stores are filled with the color pink – oh, yeah, reds are sprinkled in there also. People are continuing to be in a cheerful mood, especially with their loved ones. Children come home with crushes and have just a little bit of anxiety wanting to make sure they got their valentines cards for the party at school. They definitely want to make sure that crush gets theirs.

Such a cute time of year, but I wonder? Is this type of attention and consideration something that is done all year long? Personally, and I could be going out on a limb, I‘d love to be appreciated, considered, and shown love every day, not just on a special day. I know the time of year is innocent, and love is in the air, but let’s show love, consideration and appreciation all through the year – not because of the day, but because it’s you. How special would people feel if they felt this on a regular basis – that it wasn’t just a day, but that it was you or me?

Now let’s talk about working in a field where we don’t turn it on and off by the day, but we treat the aging population how they should be treated every day. I love working at FirstCarolinaCare, where our office discussions are varied and sincere. When our members come into our office, they’re treated well because they deserve that, and sometimes because we’ve got a secret stash of office snacks and coffee. Our consideration and appreciation of them isn’t just one day but every day; therefore, the day doesn’t dictate their treatment, but who they are does.

And speaking of, our health insurance plan is like the friend who insists on wearing socks with sandals – it may seem unconventional, but it’s got its unique charm. It’s there to support you in sickness and in health, offering coverage that’s more reliable than your favorite pen (and we all know how pens have a habit of disappearing).

So, let’s keep spreading the love, appreciation and the occasional health-related tips all year long. After all, laughter is the best medicine, and our health plan is here for the long haul – just like that one friend who insists on bringing their pet ferret to every gathering. It’s YOU, quirks and all. You’re appreciated because it’s you. It’s not the day; it’s YOU.

Craig Alford is a community outreach/Medicare adviser with FirstCarolinaCare. He’s a home-grown guy with a servant’s heart serving his local community. He is a husband and father of three, loves his family and is an avid golfer.

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