First Things First

Harmony Season

Ah, ‘tis the season! A magical time when the air turns crisp, and harmony dances through the streets. The hustle and bustle take a backseat to a chorus of “excuse me, no, you go first, oh thank you, have a splendid day!” It’s a symphony of politeness orchestrated by the chill in the air. The melodies of old tunes fill the air, turning family gatherings into harmonious singalongs, making us all sound like the next big choir sensation.

Why can’t this harmony linger all year? I propose a revolution, a calendar coup! Let’s keep this month of camaraderie and good vibes 365 days a year. Move over, mundane months; harmony is stepping into the spotlight, center stage, just like a well-rounded health insurance plan embracing you all year-round!

In this wondrous time, memories of youthful anticipation flood back – the excitement of changing seasons, of feeling the world transform. The warmth of family spreads like wildfire, and suddenly, your family is my family. It’s a unity that we should cultivate all year-round, just like nurturing our health and wellness.

Just as we treasure our winter wardrobe, let’s treasure our health, too. Like a warm coat on a chilly day, health insurance provides that comforting embrace, ensuring you’re covered in every season of life. And just as the joy of a sunbeam on a gloomy day lifts our spirits, a good health insurance plan provides that same sunny outlook, brightening our days year-round.

As someone who revels in this spirit year-round, I’m elated to work at a place that’s not just a workplace; it’s a harmonious family. At FirstCarolinaCare, we’re not just about business; we’re about blending into the beautiful melody of our community, a delightful symphony of service, unity and a commitment to your well-being. Here’s to keeping the harmony alive, always, and ensuring your health stays in tune all yearlong! 🎵

Craig Alford is a Community Outreach/Medicare adviser with FirstCarolinaCare. He is a home-grown guy with a servant’s heart serving his local community. He is a husband and father of three, loves family and is an avid golfer.

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