Let Me Give You a Hand

Can you hear it? Thundering across the auditorium or across the gym, or maybe it’s a very light sound because an amazing putt was made on the 18th green at No. 2 in Pinehurst (although that would be a loud roar, especially during the U.S. Open).

It’s a hand clap of thunderous applause for a job well done. Nothing wrong with the appreciation of something being done at a high level, but what about a hand that matters? A helping hand. Can I give you a hand?

Hands full of groceries as customers bail out of the local food mart … “Excuse me, Miss, can I give you a hand?”, “I’ll get the door,” or “Can I help you carry those to your car?”

Driving home through the busy traffic now, you’re turning down a side road, and oh, no, a thud. It’s a flat tire. You begin to get everything ready to perform this surgery/change the tire on your car … Oh, no, your jack and other tools are in the other car. No worries – here comes someone, and the window rolls down… “Can I give you a hand?” “Thank you.”

Maybe the hand is stretched out in front of you as a barrier to protect you from stepping into a pothole that’s full of water, because now it’s started to rain. Maybe you stumble and almost fall, but here comes the hand extended toward you to catch you. Can I give you a hand?

Life is full of slips and possible falls. That’s why it’s good to have someone there who can give you a helping hand whenever you slip or fall (I prefer not falling). Sept. 18-22 is Falls Prevention Awareness Week, and it’s imperative that we’re aware. With more than one in four Americans over age 65 falling each year and the cost of treating injuries caused by falls projected to increase to more than $101 billion by 2030, the phrase “Can I give you a hand?” really matters.              

Here are couple of ways that we can give each other a hand in preventing falls. You can continue to exercise (our Be Fit and gym membership benefits help with that). You can fall-proof your home or make strides to make your home safer, and continue to get regular checkups, among other things. We are in this together, so can I give you a hand?

Craig Alford is a Community Outreach/Medicare adviser with FirstCarolinaCare. He is a home-grown guy with a servant’s heart serving his local community. He is a husband and father of three, loves family and is an avid golfer.

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