Do You Want to Build a Snowman?

By Sherry Gordon-Harris

Back in the day when I was a youngin, I’d usually still be on winter break from school during the first week of January. There would be lots of snow on the ground and plenty of time to pass until the next semester of school began. One day while suffering a bad case of cabin fever, I suggested to my two younger brothers, “Let’s go outside and build a snowman!”

We sang the theme song from the cartoon we watched every winter of a famous snowman named Frosty. Not only did we build a snowman, but we also built the wife and children of the snowman. We clothed them with garments, hats and scarves. Creating the snow family was a positive sibling-bonding and teamwork-building activity to do in our spare time.

What do you like to do in your spare time? There are many activities that can be done as recreation or to simply pass the time. January is National Hobby Month. This is a time where hobbies are celebrated. And new hobbies can be explored. Many hobbies of all kinds have been created by people over the eras. These have included knitting, stamp collecting, doll collecting, reading, writing, making jewelry, cooking and more.

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So, whether cooking is your current hobby or about to become one of your new favorites, you can whip up some delicious and healthy meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner or desserts with ideas from Hally health. Celebrate National Hobby Month this January – let’s cook something delish!

Health Alliance wishes you and yours a happy and healthy New Year!

Sherry Gordon-Harris is a community liaison at Health Alliance. She’s a wife and mother of two boys. She enjoys traveling, collecting dolls, and hosting princess parties and pageants.

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