Finding Caregiver Support and Resources

by Lora Felger

The added responsibility of caregiving for a loved one can compound your stress emotionally, mentally and physically. Some people may not be fully prepared for this role until it happens. Caregivers often become responsible for medical costs, monitoring medications, paying bills and providing custodial care such as bathing, dressing and eating. This new relationship dynamic and the sudden change to daily life can create wear and tear on the body and mind. In fact, many caregivers prioritize the needs of others and forget to take care of themselves.

It’s a lot to take on, and no individual should ever feel alone in their caregiving journey. We have listed resources that are available to help. You may have heard about some of these resources, but never imagined needing them. These suggestions will help you get started in taking care of your own needs, while you provide the necessary, tender care your loved one needs from you.

Build a team.

The key to successful caregiving is to build a team around you that can help you when the road gets rough. Here are some insightful tips:

Collect information on local resources.

Get online.

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