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Sleep your way to better mental health.

You know how it feels when you don’t get enough sleep – your muscles ache, your eyelids droop and your whole body is simply exhausted. But did you know that your mental and emotional health are also affected by the amount of Zs you get at night? Read on to discover how sleep affects your mind and mood – and what you can do to get the rest you need.

Why Sleep’s So Important

According to the Sleep Foundation, poor sleep has been linked to depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other mental, emotional and behavioral issues. Doctors and scientists are still trying to find out all the reasons why. For example, we know that proper sleep helps the brain process emotional information and evaluate and remember thoughts and memories. With too little sleep, the brain might not be able to do these important jobs well enough. Obviously mental, emotional and behavioral health are complex issues affected by many different things – but it certainly appears that better sleep can improve a person’s well-being in these areas.

Tips To Help You Sleep Better

Since our minds and bodies need proper sleep – seven or more hours a night for adults according to the CDC – here are some tips to help you get your Zs:

Sometimes figuring out your new sleep routines takes trial and error. See what works for you – and start your journey today to better nightly rest, more refreshed mornings, and a healthier mind, body and spirit.

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