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Embrace a theme.

January. 2022. A New Year. New beginnings. It’s that time of year when you self-impose New Year resolutions on yourself. Lose 15 pounds. Save $500. Stop smoking. You know the New Year drill. Goals are set – sometimes realistic and sometimes lofty – and then the year progresses and a large majority of people don’t accomplish them. We often question ourselves on why we didn’t reach the goal and then a new New Year rolls around and we attempt the goal-making ritual once again – and once again with high hopes. I propose we get off the resolution hamster wheel and try something new – embracing a theme, rather than a goal.

For example, maybe your 2022 theme could be “self-love” or “consistency” or “gratitude” or “laugh more.” Instead of making a hard line in the sand with a resolution goal, what about spending the year really living a theme? And the possibilities of how to incorporate or accomplish the theme could really be endless. If your theme is “self-love,” that could mean manicures/pedicures on a regular basis, or maybe a spa day or positive self-talk. See, endless themes and – in my opinion – much easier to accomplish than a firm goal.

For me, I think I really need to work on consistency in pretty much all areas of my life. From the larger aspects to the smaller ones, this girl is not very consistent. So, I’m making this my New Year theme and I’ll work to embrace it as openly as possible, celebrating my accomplishments and taking any redirections (failure is not a word for this New Year!) in stride.

What’s your theme for a brand New Year and a leveled-up you?

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