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Winter Falls

By Jessica Arroyo

Whoa, that went by quick. Weren’t we just upset that the groundhog saw its shadow, with an additional six weeks of winter? Now we’re expecting the first day of winter once again in the next couple of weeks. As we’re all way too familiar with, the cold weather brings on different barriers for all of us. We need extra time in the morning to warm up our cars, as well as extra time planning our attire to make sure we’re staying warm all day.

As we enter our cold days ahead, we worry about our aging population. I know I do, especially with my grandparents and making sure they’re getting around as safely as possible. According to the CDC, about 1 in 4 adults age 65+ in the U.S. report falling each year. Adding cold weather – with its slippery ice, snow and sleet – can make this statistic even scarier.

As I was reading about ways to be safer this winter season, I came across, and they had great suggestions for preventing falls during the winter. Here are a few they listed:

The biggest takeaway for me was making sure I know a clear path ahead of time for my grandparents. The more prepared I am for them, the lower the risk for us to have an accident.

Now that we’re all prepared to brace ourselves and our loved ones for the winter season once again, reward yourself and those dear to you with some nice hot cocoa and marshmallows!

Jessica Arroyo – Wenatchee, WA – Jessica Arroyo is a community liaison for Health Alliance NorthwestTM, serving Chelan, Douglas, Grant and Okanogan counties in Washington. Born and raised in the Wenatchee Valley. During her time off, she enjoys spending time with her husband and her two very busy kids.

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