Protect your lungs from air pollution.

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Air pollution can harm our lungs and isn’t good for the environment. But with the proper knowledge, we can protect our health and the well-being of those we love. We have the power to keep ourselves and others healthy!

Health Risks

According to the American Lung Association®, air pollution can interfere with the normal growth and functioning of our lungs, and it increases our risk of lung cancer. It can also affect other parts of our body, raising our risk of heart disease and possibly even causing damage to our brain and nervous system.

All of us face the harmful effects of air pollution. But the health risks are even greater for infants, children and teens, and those with existing conditions. People with lung diseases – including asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and lung cancer – are at the greatest risk, as are those who smoke, are obese or have heart disease.

There’s also this: according to a recent study in Cardiovascular Research: for those who get COVID-19, there’s a higher risk of dying if you’ve had long-term exposure to polluted air.

Pollution Outdoors and In

To know how to avoid air pollution, it’s important to know what it is. Basically, it’s the presence of tiny solid and liquid particles in the air. These particles vary in size and can harm us when we breathe them in.

Outdoors, these particles are often from:

There are other sources as well, all polluting the air we breathe.

But not all pollution is outdoors. According to a recent article in Scientific American®, the indoor environment is a significant source of air pollutants too. Building materials, furnishings, electronics, personal care products and many other consumer goods emit chemicals harmful to our health. Cooking, cleaning and burning wood in the fireplace are among the most common culprits.

Tips to Protect Your Lungs

But there’s good news – we can limit our exposure to air pollution by following these helpful tips:

And not only can we limit our exposure – we also have the power to help ourselves, those we love and future generations by actively reducing our own contributions to air pollution. Take these easy actions:

With awareness and action we can fight back against air pollution, for ourselves and for the future. Our lungs deserve it!

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