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Healthy Holidays

As I’m on my journey of healthy eating and living, I fret about the challenge of the upcoming holidays. Most years around December and January, there are holiday celebrations with an abundance of food, desserts and candy.

There are usually holiday parties and potlucks with friends. There are feasts at our places of worship with fellow congregants. There are family get-togethers with parents, siblings, nieces, nephews and other relatives. And if you’re married, there may be those types of gatherings on two sides. Yikes! Double whammy!

Although this year might look a little different without all the gatherings, I’m sure I’ll still be exposed to the holiday treats.

It seems there are carbs, sugars and calories flowing everywhere. “Will my willpower be strong enough?” I ask myself. “Will I be able to resist or keep it to a reasonable limit?”

Recently, I came across an article titled “Realistic and Healthy Holiday Eating Tips” in a publication called Live Well. Some of the suggestions included:

My plan is to try these suggestions so I can enjoy holiday food without worrying about putting on extra pounds. Mindful preparation and mindful eating are some of the secrets to healthy holidays!

Of course, it’s always wise to talk to your provider about your specific nutrition needs.

Happy and healthy holidays from Reid Health Alliance!

Morgan Gunder is a community and broker liaison for Reid Health Alliance™. Born in the South and raised in the Midwest, she’s a wife and mother with a passion for traveling, learning and technology. Like this article? Feel free to respond to Thanks for reading!